Report Cruelty

Help us by being our eyes and ears in the community.

Report Cruelty

Please note that our emails are not monitored after hours or at weekends! Please use the form below ONLY during weekdays from 08:30 to 16:30.

Please contact us if you know of any animal that is being neglected or treated badly. By reporting cruelty, you help to free them from suffering.


George Branch:

Tel 044 878 1990
Emergency after-hours 082 378 7384​ 
Mossel Bay Branch:
Tel 044 693 0824 
Emergency after-hours 072 287 1761 

To report cruelty to animals or neglect outside of our area please visit  to find details of your nearest SPCA.

We will act – but we can only do so if we know about it. We depend on people like you to be our ‘eyes and ears’ in your community. Your personal information will remain confidential.

Providing us with contact details allows us to provide you with feedback and also to contact you should we require further information.

Please also include what animals your complaint is relating to, how many and if possible a description of the animal(s) to allow us to easily identify them.

Report Cruelty 2020

A list of SPCA contact details in South Africa can be found here:

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