Sponsor a gift for a shelter animal or buy a shelter animal a gift in lieu of a birthday,
wedding or Christmas gift for an animal lover!

You Can Help the SPCA by Sponsoring

Help out by sponsoring in any of these ways



Most of the animals surrendered to us or collected as stray have no vaccination history therefore all dogs admitted via the animal care centre receive the necessary vaccinations.


Adopt a Kennel

This is the average cost of maintaining and cleaning a permanent structure which will house dozens of animals per year as they await their new homes. This entitles you to naming rights and makes for a lovely birthday or Christmas gift for an animal lover!


Puppy Pack

Includes, vaccination, sterilisation, deworming, tick and flea prevention, shelter and care and rehoming


Veterinary Care

This is the average cost of secondary veterinary care that each animal admitted is in need of for e.g. minor wound care, medical care or the treatment of Sarcoptic Mange.


Tick and Flea Prevention

Animals admitted to our animal clinic are often riddled with disease causing parasites.  Each animal must be treated with a parasite control product in order to prevent infestation and the spread of parasites  from one animal to another.


Animal Rescue

This is what it costs us to rescue just one animal (domestic / wild) from a situation of abuse or cruelty or to respond to wild animals in crisis during natural disasters.


Shelter Care and Rehoming

This covers the costs involved in caring for the animals until they find their forever homes – Utilities, staff salaries and the cost incurred during the screening process.


Feed an Animal

Food is our biggest need.  We currently require 4 tons of dry dog food monthly in order to keep tummies full.


Deworming Medication

Untreated worm infestations can result in the death of an animal and can be transmitted to humans. At the Garden Route SPCA, we see terrible cases of worm infestation, this is something that is easily preventable.


Adopt a Spay

Uncontrolled animal breeding results in animal over-population, cruelty to animals and places a strain on animal welfare organisations. All animals treated at the Garden Route SPCA / adopted from us are sterilised.  In addition to this, our Ani-Pals Programme has an extended mobile clinic component and offers a sterilisation service to pets of children in disadvantaged schools.


Pledge 4 Paws

Inconsistent income is one of our biggest challenges. Fundraising takes time and lots of energy! If 1000 people pledged R100 per month, we’d have a consistent source of R100,000 per month. This would allow us to focus on what we do best: Caring for animals!


Keep the Lights On

51 people between two branches, a fleet of 6 vehicles, two clinics, two theatres, kennel blocks, an education centre and our admin building all cost money to provide a 24 hour, 7 day a week service. Your generous support will ensure that our good work continues.


Adopt a Block

This is the average cost of maintaining a kennel block which will house hundreds of animals per year as they await their new homes. This entitles you to naming rights and makes for a lovely birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift for an animal lover! Also GREAT for corporate sponsorships.


Replace a Vehicle

If you’d prefer to put your money towards a capital item, we would appreciate a donation towards the replacement of our vehicles. They do lots of mileage… last year we responded to 5426 calls in Mossel Bay alone. 


Educate Children

Our education unit is dedicated to empowering people in underprivileged areas with the knowledge of responsible pet care.  This programme includes presentations on mange, worms, common animal illnesses, animals and the law, proper pet care and sterilisations.

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