Make Animals Your Legacy

Leaving a Legacy

Writing a Will enables you to ensure that everything you cherish and have worked hard for is passed on to the people and causes you care for most. It is the voice that will be heard when you are no longer here.

Your legacy will enable us to continue the fight against cruelty and provide humane education to children and youth in the communities where it is most needed.

Contact Rika Bouwer, 082 308 6862 or email or CLICK HERE to make an appointment for her to come and see you regarding this easy process. 

Why a Will is Important

If you have decided to provide for animals in your Will it is important to use the correct wording and to include the Society's registered name: Garden Route SPCA. If you already have a Will, you can simply add us by completing this form.

Suggested wording for your Will: 

I (full name), leave the residue/XX% of my estate/the sum of R         to the Garden Route SPCA, Non-profit Org. No 003-629 NPO of 1 Ossie Urban Road, George, 6529, to be used at the Garden Route SPCA's discretion. The receipt of an authorised officer of the  Garden Route SPCA shall be an absolute discharge to my executors.

You will help us to  rescue, rehabilitate and provide a second chance to unwanted and abused animals. You will make a difference to the lives of many!

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