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How to Become a Fundraiser

STEP 1: Decide on a fund-raiser: perhaps you want to honour a loved one; climb Everest for dogs in need; run the Two Oceans in aid of animal rescue; host the paw-fect Dance or Pedal for Paws?!

STEP 2: Give your campaign a catchy name i.e. Pete is Pedaling for Paws then CLICK HERE to begin registration on the crowdfunding site BackABuddy. Garden Route SPCA is pre approved by this crowd funding platform.

STEP 3: Email to let us know about your fundraiser so we can send you information, approve the event and help you to promote it.

STEP 4: Send the link to all of your friends and ask them to donate to your campaign.

STEP 5: Let us know how much you’ve raised so that we can thank you.

Fundraising on BackABuddy

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